Tips to Adjust Your Baby's Sleep When the Clocks Go Forward

Tips to Adjust Your Baby's Sleep When the Clocks Go Forward

Isn’t it a nightmare when you’ve spend too much time along getting your baby/ toddler into a decent sleep routine only for the clock change to come along and mess it up! You’re already battling with teething/ travel / everyday changes to routine, all annoying  but unavoidable!

Here are a few  tips for making the spring clock-change easier to cope with...

Make A Gradual Change

A week before the clocks 'spring forward' start your evening bedtime routine ten minutes early, then next day add another ten minutes and so on until the evening of the clock change you'll be bang on time. If your baby is pretty easy going around sleep times then you can shorten the process to two or three days and do 20 or 30 minute leaps. 

With this method your baby should wake up at the new 'correct' time on the morning that the clocks changed.

Stick To Your Daily Routine

Keep your bedtime routines the same as normal, despite the times changing. For older toddlers it can be helpful to do a late afternoon walk or park trip to get rid of some extra energy, add a little tiredness to counteract the earlier bedtimes.

 Longer Naps

It can be helpful to slightly lengthen daytime naps if possible the day before the clocks change, an overtired baby may struggle to get to sleep.

Be Patient

It shouldn't take too long for your baby (and you!) to adapt to the new times if you follow these guidelines, but be prepared for some later mornings (hopefully!) 


And if you’re lucky…… it will make no difference at all!

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